Over the last year I have seen an increasing number of people from the different companies in Cambridge. The presenting issues are mainly around stress, family and relationship issues as well as confidence and career progression.

Counselling often helps employees who are absent from work, and there is evidence that counselling support can speed up the recovery time from sick leave, saving the company money in the long run. In short, everyone who works in an organisation is my potential client. I would be pleased to hear from company or organisation that believed my services can help their employee.

We all experience life-crisis issues at different times. Stresses at home and work can all preoccupy our thinking and distract us from our work. Personal issues at home can have a negative impact within the working environment as well as work-related issues which include stress, fatigue and bullying or isolation; all these factors directly impact an employee’s performance.

Larger companies pay for counselling by recruiting a workplace counsellor through the OH and HR department, while smaller companies employ counsellors like myself on an ad hoc basis. In both situations I have beenworking with many clients via Employee assistance programme (EAP).

My therapy room is within walking distance from majority of companies in Cambridge. For block or day bookings I am able to work from your premises.