I am experienced integrative therapist, with interest in anxiety and specialism in Couples Therapy. I integrate affective, systemic, cognitive and physiological therapeutic work with client’s social values. That means that I adapt the therapy to my client and not the client to the therapy.

Over a number of years I have seen many individuals and couples from Cambridge, either in private practice, Relate Centre or through Employee assistance programme (EAP). I help clients to make positive and informed choices for themselves at difficult times in their lives. 

I have a Master’s Degree in Relationship Therapy (Distinction) and full membership with British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I also attend regular psychotherapy workshops, present papers at conferences and keep up-to-date with the latest research.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, trauma, bereavement, abuse or at times you do not feel like yourself and want to be better counselling can be beneficial.

Choosing a partner and staying together is not simple. When the relationships begins to fade, our health and happiness often suffers. While for many of us our first instinct is to try and work through problems ourselves, it can be extremely useful to seek outside help. One way forward is certainly couple counselling.

The aim of counselling and psychotherapy is to give you a neutral space in which to explore challenges in your life; potential changes that you may wish to make, and to reach decisions about your current situation. Counselling can play an essential part in enabling individuals and couples to become more confident and aim for a happier and better life.

It can feel challenging to reach out for help. One of my clients said: "I meant to contact you for months. I had your number and your website in my favourites. I just needed to build up the confidence to do so. I am so glad we have started. Just making a call to you made a significant difference for me. I wish I'd called you sooner". 

Coronavirus Anxiety

Following the most recent government guidelines about coronavirus advising social distancing, I am now offering phone and online sessions. Online counselling is a convenient and confidential platform that can enable people to have a safe space to share their concerns and fears from their own home.

With the increasing media coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we know all too well the emotional, financial and physical impact this pandemic is having on all of us. During these challenging times it can feel overwhelming, and you may wonder how you are going to look after yourself in the months ahead. It can be difficult to maintain our mental health and wellbeing when coping with so much uncertainty and turmoil at home and at work.

Whether you're social distancing or self-isolating you may be feeling anxious or stressed during this time, and that's completely normal. There are simple steps you can take to look after your mental health and wellbeing. Here are some selfcare tips:

  • Limit your exposure to social media if you find it is heightening your anxiety
  • Make sure you are getting your news from trusted sources, limit it to once a day
  • Think self-care: You may find yourself working longer hours or more shifts so take care of your physical health as best you can.
  • Stay connected to family and friends by phone, email or video calls
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Follow a daily structure/routine
  • Allow yourself time to relax, rest and sleep

If you are still experiencing new levels of distress, worry or anxiety as a result of what’s happening right now, know that help is available. Please feel free to contact me. Similarly if you know somebody in need of counselling please share this with them.

Relaxation Sessions 

In addition to counselling sessions, I have recently started to support members of our community with 30min guided relaxation via Zoom at 7pm on Fridays. There are lots of ways to relax and reduce anxiety. Some ways are designed to relax our mind and some to relax our body. The mind and body are fundamentally connected; relaxation methods work on both the mind and the body. By relaxing mind and body, we reduce stress and support the body's immune system which is very important for fighting disease and keeping us healthy. I combine mindfulness, guided imaginary, relaxation and light psychotherapeutic insights. This is a gentle connection between therapy and yoga which I have been practicing for over 20 year. 

This is not a group therapy and you are not required to talk. No video is available as we will use only audio. To do these weekly sessions you need just a peaceful space to lay down and listen my guidance live via Zoom. The day and time are chosen to coincide with the end of the week and it is late enough in the evening to help you wind down. After the session you will be ready for a good restful sleep. NHS staff and keyworkers are welcome to join for free

Please let me know if you are interested so I can add you to the Zoom invitation list.